31 Days of Talking to Myself| The Intro

Do you ever walk around having full conversations with yourself? Maybe that’s not really normal but I don’t really have a lot of people I talk to about just anything. I also work alone all day. And my family doesn’t listen to me. So I have very intelligent conversations with myself.

I really wanted to join Write 31 days again this year and waited so long to think of what topic to go with. I was certain I was going with Renew as the theme and using all its synonyms to title posts and topics with. I was going to write about my before and after of my house and all my upcycling and DIY decor. I don’t think I have that kind of time since I didn’t get started with most of it and here it is October 1.

Because I can’t get Photoshop Elements to work on my computer, I had no idea how I was going to create my button. I went to Picmonkey and found they charge now and wanted a credit card for a 7 day trial. Then I found an old blog post and learned about Canva. Awesome. Sauce. Seriously easiest way to create a header or button. Thank you Amy. I changed my blog look up and went with a really simple header. I have another one too but just can’t decide which I like better. The first or the second??



Then yesterday I wasn’t sure I was going to be doing this at all because when I went to turn my computer on, all it did was restart over and over and over. Finally, right before I went to bed, it picked up the Time Machine and asked me to reinstall the operating system. I think the El Capitan is messing with my computer. I might need to go back to a later version, if only I knew how.

Here I am, a day late with my landing post. But with a theme all the same. If you have never heard, you can find ‘a photo a day’ inspiration from The Idea Room and Fat Mum Slim every month (for years now). I am going to use these inspirations to “talk to myself” every day this month. 31 days of babbling if you will. Maybe no one will read that but at least I am writing, and getting off of Farmville2. Stupid Zynga games. LOL.


Day 1: Babbling About Balloons

Day 2: Weekend Distractions No. 10

Day 3: A Little Lili

Day 4: Tidbit Tuesday

Day 5: Words to Live By

Day 6: Renovating 407: the Screened in Porch

Day 7: Digital Scrapbooking

Day 8: Weekend Distractions No. 11

Day 9: A Lili Sound Off

Day 10: What to do with Leftover Wood

Day 11: Questions I’ve Always Wanted to Ask

Day 12: My Sweet Geni

Day 13: Salt and Sugar

Day 14: Oops

Day 15: Weekend Distractions No. 12

Day 16: Renovating 407: The Dining Nook

Day 17: Up

Day 18: Just Add Water

Day 19: Food

Day 20: A Pair

Day 21: Albuquerque; Revisited

Day 22: Weekend Distractions No. 13

Day 23: Healthy Chocolate Chip Muffins

Day 24: Work Breaks are the Law

Day 25: Why Spiders?

Day 26: Soccer Mom I’m Not

Day 27: A Leafy Landscape

Day 28: Rainbow Sherbet Time

Day 29: Weekend Distractions No. 14

Day 30: Copycat Copycat Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake

Day 31: Getting it Done









Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

7 thoughts on “31 Days of Talking to Myself| The Intro

  1. Both of your headers look great! I guess it depends on if you want something simple and clean… or if you want to include photos. I would have a hard time choosing, too. Good job!

    Looking forward to eavesdropping on your conversations with yourself!


    1. LOL, me either, since I have no idea what I am going to do from day to day. It was like seeing a squirrel in the street today. My son tells me his English teacher drew a squirrel on the board yesterday and they had to write about a troll. ?? Z becomes 10 (something like).


  2. Hi Lili, Sorry for the confusion! You can still use PicMonkey for free! Just get started, like you always have been able to do by selecting “Edit” on the homepage. No registration required. Don’t even need to sign up for the free trial if you don’t need the Royale features.

    Liked by 1 person

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