A Lili Sound Off

Can I bitch a little today and not harm myself? This is really what my talking to myself is like.

Okay, North Carolina is getting pounded and flooding? I kind of saw that coming when everyone that evacuated Florida and South Carolina went north. Does no one remember Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans, where no one thought it could get flooded? If we are to flee the coast of a coming hurricane, why wouldn’t we go inland? I am from New Mexico where flash floods are common because it is so dry here but that water doesn’t usually last longer than a few hours (gone the next day tops). So maybe I don’t know. Kind of like, why would you chance it and drive into the water?

Is driving into the water a thought that you can make it? It won’t be that deep? My house is right there? Kind of like thinking you can beat the train and go through the closed track crossing and then kill your girlfriend because you didn’t beat the train.

Everyone is complaining about Trump and Clinton. Saying they don’t want to vote. BUT. There are other candidates. The media is just not telling you about them.

Just like the media is only telling you parts of the story when they say another cop shot another unarmed man. They don’t ever tell us the story of what happened to make the cops be after that man in the first place. Two cops are on trial here for shooting and killing a homeless man. The man wasn’t unarmed. They say they were defending the canine cop. I don’t really know the whole story and haven’t been watching the trial news either. The whole thing was kind of overshadowed with the killing of a cop by another cop. Yes, there are some bad cops out there but not as a whole. And there are a lot more bad citizens out there. Getting away with the bad. Over and over. But the media makes everything look like it happened for other reasons.

What is the purpose of the rioting? What does it prove to burn down businesses? This one really boggles my mind. EVERYONE needs to learn to be kinder to one another. No matter what color each others skin is.



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