Questions I’ve Always Wanted to Ask

5 minute free for all…

Why would you want a pet skunk (descented it says)? Or to even pay $800 for it. 

Can any animal be house trained? Like pet pigs. Do they go to the bathroom only outside and do their owners actually clean up after them just like we do dogs? 

On that note, people that don’t clean up after their dogs, where do they think the poop goes? 

And what’s up with this fascination with the poop emoji? Why would you want to decorate with it and make cupcakes look like it? It’s a pile of poop people. 

What happened to self respect? I was walking behind a woman at work today that was wearing tights and a short shirt. I think it is disgusting enough to be able to notice that women aren’t wearing panties or what color or style they are because their tights are see through. But how do you not notice the hole in the butt when you put them on? The other day…this woman either spilled bleach all over the bottom of her tights or she had splattered poop on them. Come on women. How do you not notice that? Don’t even get me started on the wearing of white tank tops with no bras. (I’m a very observant person. Sometimes to a fault. I see all of these things. Falling down pants and bending over butt crack makes me want to throw up.) 

Sorry. I had to. 

These people down the street don’t have a fence up around any of their yard. They keep the front looking really nice but don’t touch it from the side yard around. Even the closed in porch back there looks like it’s about to fall down. They put out tons of blow ups every holiday. So why have they let more than half of their yard turn to sticker weeds? The kind that will put goat heads everywhere. Every bike that rides by will get a flat. Every dog will get them I their paw. Their blow ups are going to get pricked. It looks like they are growing grass but it’s a sticker factory instead. 


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