Salt and Sugar

I washed dishes 3 times this afternoon/evening. I hate washing dishes. It makes my dry hands worse. Maybe I should start wearing gloves.
I decided to make 2 new recipes. Used to when I cooked or baked I would follow a recipe to a T. Never deviated. I guess I have evolved because I might add my own twist or change T to t.

Washed old dishes.
First I made the wheat and oat muffins. My mom only had Captains Oats so I used those instead of Old Fashioned. I don’t know the difference. I also added chopped pecans. And used light brown sugar instead of dark and didn’t have any oats for the streusel. I used more chopped pecans then too. They were pretty good. I’m taking them to work tomorrow for a birthday but I had to taste one first.

Washed dishes.

Then I made the chicken lasagna soup. Which came out okay. Maybe a little rich for my taste. And I made a full pot. I need someone to help me eat it. My boy didn’t like it.

Washed dishes.

Made my bed. Folded clothes. Somewhere in there ended up with a headache. Stupid headaches.

Go to bed early (not early for me when I get up at 3). Get up at 3:17 and do it all again. I don’t know how people work two jobs. This 6 hour sleep nights already isn’t enough for me.



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