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I don’t like the chicken soup I made. I have no idea how I am going to finish it all.Wonder what I could do to it to make it better. It’s just kind of blah and really rich at the same time.

One of the eyes fell off of the kitty cat I made. I guess that Elmer’s glue gun isn’t that great. Well, to be fair, the sun is facing that part of the house for most of the day. It might have “melted” off. Gonna have to try a different glue.

I bought my last 3 mattresses at Sam’s Club. They are Sertas. I get the plush pillow top one. The one that I put in my son’s room is fine. Held it’s shape. I returned mine about 6 months ago. It was sloping towards the middle. I hadn’t slept on it but for maybe 6 months. The one I have now is definitely sloping too. It took me awhile to realize it really is. I have a good box spring under it so even if the bed itself isn’t giving good support it shouldn’t matter. I guess it either matters are this mattress is a piece of crap. They got a new style at Sam’s. Guess I am going to exchange it again. I need to get that bed from my brother painted and set up too, just in case that was the sloping issue.

Even though I forgot to write a piece yesterday, I haven’t been on Farmville 2 since I started this. Yeah! And amazingly, my computer hasn’t been conking out. Makes me think that something was up with that Zynga site.





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