Weekend Distractions No. 12

These cookies


Of course the dough looks so good I would want to eat all of it so I better not make them. (Click picture for the original source.)

This entryway


It’s so simple and lovely. I even love how the light switches blend into the wall. I makes me (again) wish I had an entryway. I really think I need to make the spot next to the garage door in the den be an official entryway. Just because. Some day.

Dog feeding stations


I definately am going to make one of these but I can’t decide how I want the legs to be done. Plumbing pieces can be costly. I really like this one though.

Bar/counter stools


I feel that my counter stools are too big for my island. I can’t decide if I want to cut the back off of them and paint them to look more industrial, or find some stools like this and paint them sort of like this. I could probably tuck 3 away under there if I did this style. Decisions. Decisions.



I am obsessed with different fonts. I love that you can use all your fonts on Photoshop Elements and am always downloading new ones. No plain ole Arial here. (I wish I could change the font on my blog to a favorite one.)


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