Weekend Distractions No. 14

Oh, this view:


I would love to have this sunroom, overlooking water. Swoon. And there is an outdoor deck above the sunroom.

This room I could live in:


I don’t care for all the decor, but I love the ceilings. The doors. The walls. I could seriously retire in this house. With that view from above outside these windows.

This desk:


The table Lauren found to make these desks was perfect. And the color she painted them is lovely too. This desk in that room, with that view.

And faux brick in the kitchen:


Lauren has a truly impressive, DIY home. The faux beam coming into the kitchen is impressive too. But I have said before how much I like the faux beam and how I wanted to use it on the part above my cabinets, making it look like exposed brick beams in there. I found this today and it is a good example of the faux brick in the kitchen. Thank you again Lauren for your inspiration. Not to mention I also love the concrete counters.

Making my mouth water:


I think my picky boy would even eat this. Yum!

Now I have to go scrape some more stripper off of a footboard. I might make it to the headboard this week.






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