Renovating 407: the Screened in Porch

My Geni can finally get outside by herself. My parents had to get a bigger doggie door for when my brother’s Great Dane comes over. So I got the old door. They framed it in with 2x4s. I just have to caulk the gaps and finish caulking the porch. Oh, and frame the top backContinue reading “Renovating 407: the Screened in Porch”

31 Days of Talking to Myself| The Intro

Do you ever walk around having full conversations with yourself? Maybe that’s not really normal but I don’t really have a lot of people I talk to about just anything. I also work alone all day. And my family doesn’t listen to me. So I have very intelligent conversations with myself. I really wanted toContinue reading “31 Days of Talking to Myself| The Intro”

64 Shades of Color: Lavender

I am glad you came to join me party up some color. Like I said before, I loved following along with the ladies that did the out of the box challenge. My party is really no different because I ended up using the same size box of Crayons. Don’t forget to grab a button fromContinue reading “64 Shades of Color: Lavender”