What to do With Leftover Wood

Remember the project I shared here? That I was so giddy about a piece of wood I had outside on the carport.

I think it needs something on the “paw” area. But here she is. Just shy of the bottom of the window. Tall girl.

First I gave the piece of wood a good sanding. Then I painted it black. Both sides. Just one coat each side. The sample Glidden paint went on much smoother than a small jar of craft paint. Then I distressed the front side. Stapled on a piece of burlap I removed from something last year and tied on some pretty ribbons on top of that. (I found the ribbons in the vintage section at Michaels). I made the eyes with the outer circles of a ribbon roll. Painted them with white chalk paint and painted over that with Mod Podge Sparkle. Then I found some little wood disks that I painted black and glued those to the white disks. And glued the eyes on the big board.

I had read reviews from someone on the Elmer’s glue gun awhile back and had waitied for months for my Michaels to carry them. Let me tell you. It is the best glue gun I have ever used. No stringy glue. And I forgot it on half the night and it didn’t leave a puddle of glue on the cardboard. (Freaked me out when I woke up remembering I plugged it in).

I also put together this pumpkin with 4 pieces of 2×4. Basically cut at 6inches and 5inches. After cutting the pieces, I sanded those down and then painted every side of the boards, not knowing how I wanted to glue them together. I glued the pieces together with wood glue and clamped them together over night. Then I distressed the more rugged side. I decided the wood knots made it look more like a rustic pumpkin.

The other day at work, they pulled all the bins of pumpkins from the front door area. There were several stems laying on the ground after but only one that didn’t get run over with the fork lift. It got wrapped up and put in my lunch bag. I glued it on top of my 2×4 pumpkin and then tied the ribbon on.

I am still trying to figure out how to cut out the ears for the 2×4 cats.



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