Weekend Distractions No. 11

A HUGE distraction was the length of time it took to download and reinstall the operating system on my computer this yesterday. Unfortunately, it made the Photoshop Organizer 14 also inoperable. Sheesh. Now I have to reinstall all of it. 15 is out now. But it is $99 for the upgrade. It’s never been that expensive before. Ouch.

At soccer yesterday, the game before us got called for lightening. While we sat in our cars waiting out the lightening, it started to rain. They ended up playing a 30 minute shortened game and it rained the whole time. I never got back into the swing of things after that.I had been leaning forward in my chair to keep my legs dryer and rain was dripping down my umbrella on my back for 20 minutes before I felt it. I guess I wasn’t that cold yet. What gets me, no one went to tell our team to get off the field. I went down and told them and the coach didn’t believe me. Why would I lie about that? Seriously!

img_7486I wish I had all the ingredients because I want to make these muffins right now. (Click picture to take you to the recipe.)

one-pot-white-chicken-lasagna-soup-11I NEED to make this. I just hope my picky son will try it.

6366098715d180150c8da67fa8eed1804356aa3fMy son decided he likes those Ramen instant cups (must have tried a friend’s) but I don’t really want to buy them because they have so much sodium and what not. I am hoping he would like these (with no green of course).

c01e8203d81b84a92904777fe3e59ed7Aren’t these just the cutest? They were shared by Smart Schoolhouse but the original source was unknown.




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