My Sweet Geni

My little sweetie has lived with us for a month now. And that first vet was oh so wrong. She is still a little skittish at certain times but she doesn’t really run and hide from much anymore.

You can tell she knows she is loved and loves her people a lot too.

Geni loves my backyard. lol. There is a big strip of dirt in the right corner. Basically the full right side and most of the back. Not sure what the other owners did with that part. I need to put pavers in the corner and maybe grass the rest. Or gravel. She runs trying to play with the dog behind which makes it bark and get in trouble. But she doesn’t bark back. She loves to dig too. Yuck. She just might get herself into the side neighbor’s yard soon if I don’t do something over there.

Little miss also loves to go over to my parents. She no longer cowers from my dad. Loves him too. She especially loves when my brother’s 6 month old Great Dane is there. Lift is a really big puppy. They play and play and play. Lift puts Geni’s whole head in her mouth.  It Geni can run circles around Lift and it gives them lots of exercise.

Best of all, she goes to bed with me every night (early) and will sleep no where but with me.



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