Lili’s Life Menu

Take a year off and travel the US in an RV, taking pictures every where

  • Blog on said travels and submit work to travel and tourism sites
  • Open my refurb store, or something similarly crafty
  • Blog for a living
  • Take Brendan to another country
  • Get back into Country-Western dancing
  • Go para-sailing
  • Create a photography book
  • Create a studio that constantly inspires me to create in any art median
  •  Join a photography meet-up group
  • Create a better website, that is easier to add to
  • Take a website building course
  • Sell my crafts
  • Go back to Charleston, SC and visit the downtown market
  • Take a picture a day (I tried doing this, it is very hard)
  • Organize pictures better
  • Have a craftsman style house with a detached garage to have as a work space
  • Go on a monthly adventure with Brendan and our cameras
  • Do what I want on my birthday at least once, not worrying about what anyone else wants
  • Do something outside of my comfort zone (I submitted my photos to Expo NM: the State Fair, and am working on another photo show)
  • Learn to weld
  • Learn to do glass blowing
  • Take a pottery class
  • Write a children’s book
  • Create a coloring book
  • Take a cartoon drawing class with Brendan
  • Go scuba diving in the Caribbean
  • Eat gelato in Italy again
  • Ride the Sandia Tram with Brendan
  • Float down a river on inner tubes with Brendan
  • Find an old bike to photograph
  • Have a porch swing on my house at some point
  • Take ballroom dancing lessons
  • Leave 20 inspirational cards around town
  • Participate in a walk for the cure
  • Donate some of my wreathes to local charities for auction
  • Donate a photo to a not-for-profit (borrowed from Karen)
  • Say hello to at least one stranger a day (easy to do now that I greet people at work)
  • List at least 1 thing I am grateful for every day
  • Continually keep a journal
  • Visit Spain
  • Sing karaoke at least once
  • Finish Brendan’s 2nd scrapbook
  • Let myself be loved when I meet the right man
  • Leave a present in a mailbox at least once a year
  • Tell Brendan I love him everyday
  • Have a beach house that overlooks the water at sunset, with a big bay window where my desk can sit
  • Live abroad for a year
  • Volunteer
  • Be in charge of something involving Brendan
  • Attend a blogging conference
  • Publish a helpful book
  • Have a dinner party
  • Join a bunko or reading group
  • Visit Greece
  • Have a romantic picnic
  • Attend a Broadway show in NYC
  • Have Hot Chocolate at Serendipity during Christmas time
  • See Time’s Square at Christmas time
  • Go ice skating
  • Create an A-B-C wall for a classroom
  • Read to a kid’s group
  • Host a Girl’s Night Out creating session
  • Get a professional picture done with Brendan
  • Give out 40 gifts to strangers on my 40th birthday (I decided to do this mostly Random Act of Kindness style and loved every minute of it)
  • Acquire some OLD cameras  (I have acquired 1)
  • Learn my camera
  • Prepare my photos for an exhibition (I entered 3 at Expo NM, the state fair)
  • Enter a photography contest (I use ViewBug)
  • Write a guest post for a photography blog
  • Shoot 5 big cities at night
  • Learn how to really use Photoshop  (Elements 12 is making it a lot easier to use)
  • Create an online portfolio like SmugMug (here)
  • Print a photo large and hang it (it’s hanging in my mom’s house)
  • Continue to update my photography bucket list
  • List 20 locations I would like to photograph, ever changing

2 thoughts on “Lili’s Life Menu

  1. Lili – I love your Life Menu. At first I didn’t think I would…and I admit I thought something along the lines of here is another person writing about themself, but I couldn’t stop reading. I do love your list. At first I was captured by thinking, hey this could be my list, and then I was thinking about how creative and talented you are and how open to share yourself so freely and eloquently in a simple and direct way (does that make sense?) Any ways, I love your list and my first impression is that you are a woman who will accomplish many of these things and that your list will continue to change as you evolve. Happy, Happy New Year.


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