Weekend Distractions No. 10

In keeping with some of my ramblings, I will stick with my weekend distractions every weekend. I usually just do them on Saturdays.

Before I go there, Pinterest why? Why do I follow people whose posts I want to see when all I get are “Picked for…”? I want to see the people I follow, not your suggestions and oh, all those ads that are totally irrelevant to what I like (I hate fashion).


I saw these yesterday and got all giddy for all the leftover 2x4s from the fence in my garage. (Click on the picture to take her to her blog. She also sales them on Etsy.) I got even more excited when I realized I had this big piece of wood with the cuts in it already sitting on my carport my brother thought I could use for something. As soon as it is acceptable shopping time, I am off to Home Depot for black paint (and other things).

Which brings up another thought. I was sanding said big piece of wood with my new Black and Decker and the sand paper kept falling off (it has a square head that clamps on the paper and a dust catcher). So I realize I will have to spend a little more but world, what is your favorite sander?

And speaking of Home Depot. Even though they are my go to over Lowe’s because Lowe’s pissed me off last year when I tried to buy a master cool(er) from them, I still have to shop at both. At Lowe’s you have to buy whole pieces of wood, while at Home Depot you can cut and only purchase how much you need. Came in handy for the baseboards. The last Valspar (Lowes) paint I bought stunk so bad it gives me asthma every time I use it (but fine when dry), so I much prefer Behr. Both times I have bought spray paint at Home Depot, I get home and it doesn’t spray so I only get that at Lowes (or Walmart). Only Lowes had the cedar fence planks. But this came in handier because, this is the big one, Home Depot will only give military/veteran discounts to my dad without a hassle on Veteran’s and Memorial Day. But Lowes gives the discount each and every time. No hassle. Ever.

Since I mentioned it, my beautiful fence https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Faellsworth74%2Fposts%2F10210337343367053&width=500

Why didn’t I go buy milk yesterday? I am sitting here starving and no way to eat cereal. Bah humbug.


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