Babbling about Balloons

autumnWhen I took this picture two years ago, I realized I needed a much bigger lens. Can’t afford one now, so still haven’t gotten it. THE Balloon Fiesta started today. Albuquerque International. The world’s largest hot air ballooning event. You know the one that is in lovely, little ole New Mexico. Which is one of the 50 states. Part of the USA.

Those of us that live here like the balloons as well, but oh the visitors. You can’t drive and look at balloons. You see one, you have to pull over. That’s obviously not what they think.


Used to, balloon chasers, those are the people that have to be there when the balloon lands, would drive anywhere to follow their balloon. Some were really dangerous. Maybe they still are, just not as many. I am going to guess they have made the rules stiffer. Here in the Albuquerque area, we have casinos. Like most of the country it is because they are located on tribal land. We have several spread out in the area because they are each on different tribe land. We have something like 13 different Pueblo tribes in the area. One of the biggest casinos is located a little off the freeway, with only a gas station nearby, and in a gorgeous area.


They made a point of reminding balloon pilots that balloons are not to be landing on their property. So people around here were telling others they should boycott this casino. I mean really? I bet they wouldn’t want a balloon landing in their landscaped yard either. (Not that that is the reason why, it’s because it is tribal land.)

Did I mention, my dog doesn’t like the sound from the balloons? My last dog didn’t either.

If anyone knows of a way to Watermark my photos without being able to use Photoshop Elements, please let me know. Thank you.



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