Renovating 407

I just wanted a house, closer to my parents, where I could live comfortably. I didn’t want to rent, really couldn’t afford rentals. I found a clean (relatively) house, with a new roof and fully landscaped. In a decent neighborhood. Within miles of my parents for the sake of my child. I gobbled it up. It wasn’t as clean as it appeared. It needed updates. Only 1 other couple had ever owned the house, but they didn’t do much to it or he thought of himself as a handy man that liked duct tape. And she liked wallpaper. Here are some before and after pictures showing the renovation of 407 and bringing my lovely house into this century.

407 before

Resplendent of the 70s. Too much vegetation. Original swamp cooler. Golden harvest carpet. Carpet over linoleum, even in kitchen and bathrooms. Wallpaper on almost every wall. Original porcelain tub. Walled off kitchen. Heavy, heavy drapes. Popcorn ceilings. No ceiling lights. Follow along in my journey as I share how I have renovated 407 into a less 70s nightmare.

Renovating 407: Part II

Renovating 407: Part I

Adventures in Renovating

Renovating 407: 2 Years Later

Renovating 407: The Creative

Renovating 407: The Laundry Closet

Renovating 407: A Pantry was Born

Renovating 407: The Kitchen Island

Renovating 407: The Hall Bath

Ain’t no Boring Mailbox

Renovating 407: The Dining Nook

Renovating 407: the Screened in Porch

Renovating 407: Master Bedroom

Renovating 407: Master Bathroom

Renovating 407: The Ugly






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