Renovating 407: the Screened in Porch

My Geni can finally get outside by herself.

My parents had to get a bigger doggie door for when my brother’s Great Dane comes over. So I got the old door. They framed it in with 2x4s. I just have to caulk the gaps and finish caulking the porch. Oh, and frame the top back in.

This is the door we put in from the den to the porch some months back. The one that was here originally was a big solid door that wasn’t going to allow for a doggie door. My parents and brother installed the doggie door a few weeks ago. Β  The wall to the left is where I started covering the stucco with joint compound in attempt to make it a smoother wall and paintable. Eventually the whole porch will be off white. Maybe with a blue grey ceiling.

Then my dad hooked my light up. Haha. There’s been no light out there for months. It’s so cool. I love it. I realize that I should have used the joint compound and paint that part of the wall first. Oh well. That door is going to come out too. And wall in the hole. Now that it’s not too hot to work out here, I need to get a move on and get it all finished before it gets cold.

Here is the big board I had that I am making into a cat. 😁

Next time I’ll have to share with you all my unfinished projects.


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