Words to Live By

Interestingly, PicMonkey commented on my intro post, telling me they are not charging. And yesterday I got an email from Canva after seeing my post. I was asked to link to their site. No problem. I would even put their button in my sidebar for a little restitution ๐Ÿ˜„. Just saying.

I am currently reading A Million Pieces by James Frey. I liked this

Live and let live.

Do not judge.

Take it as it comes.

Deal with it.

Everything will be okay.

Good words to let sink in.

Especially after the day I had at work. 6 hours before I got a break. Yesterday I didn’t get lunch until it was time for me to clock out. Technically we are supposed to have a break after every 2 hours. Hahaha. If you haven’t noticed, warehouses are all cement floors. So not only am I on my feet on said cement all day, I am walking back and forth. Pushing and pulling. Lifting and unstacking. I’m getting to old for this stuff. (Enter choice word instead.)

More words to let sink in. And yet another one. I’m being inspired all around on Facebook today.

What words do you like to live by?


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