Digital Scrapbooking

I am a few hours late for my 10/7 post. I was even on here yesterday cleaning up the posts I did on my phone. Oops.

I love to scrapbook. It got to be such a hassle though. Last year I started digital scrapbooking. I have lots of layouts and elements I have downloaded so if you see something you would like, let me know. Here are a few I haven’t shared, all with old pictures, but still fun to make.




(I swear he was only holding my Dr Pepper.)

Sometimes I can get really caught up in going through blog trains, that can usually be found monthly. I don’t download everything and then don’t save everything I download. Some shout outs for their freebies and links to freebies:

My computer just prompted to download Sierra, I so hope this solves the problems that I believe El Capitan was causing (Mac names their operating systems with cool names).



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