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I have a headache. Won’t go away. I can’t think of anything witty to write about. I guess I’ll talk a little about myself. I consider myself to be educated, by a state university but still. I finished my Master’s degree (and thesis) with a 4.0 and that was after having a baby half way through my studies. Unplanned. By myself. (Of course all women have babies by ourselves, but I mean there was no dad present, then or now. Any male can father a child but it takes a real man to be a dad.)


I also have some awesome experience. Just to name a few, I went through Hyatt’s management training and was a Food and Beverage Manager right after I finished my degree. I also went through Schlotzsky’s corporate management training and was a manager for them for 3 years. I have worked in elementary schools, banks, restaurants, and as a golf cart beverage server (that was my most favorite job). I started working at the age of 14 in baseball concession stands, where they were always busy. I did that for 7 summers. The greatest experience I ever had was as a Flight Attendant for an airline that held 90% of the Air Mobility Corps contract (before 9/11) and got to fly all over the world.I will never take back those 2 years no matter how lonely it was.


I have had a job tell me I move jobs too much, many tell me they can’t pay me what I should make, others tell me I don’t have the experience they are looking for. Really? Some people aren’t creative in seeing outside the box. Hiring a person that has a degree in that field doesn’t make them more qualified. I have seen time and time again where the less qualified is hired because they can pay them less. I have seen time and time again where my male counterparts make more money (yes it still happens).

I grew up in Roswell (home of the aliens) and Farmington (home of the Connie Mack World Series) New Mexico. Went to college both times in Las Cruces and have lived here in the Albuquerque area for 11 years now. I lived in Austin for just shy of a year. A little town in Maryland for 7 weeks. Chicago for 2 years with 6 weeks in Indianapolis during FA training and 3 months in Scottsdale. My patents lived in Lake Havasu City for 7 years and I lived there with them for 6 months after my son was born. New Mexicans by a whole may be some very creative people (look at all the jewelry the natives make) but lack vision. But it is still my home and I don’t see myself going anywhere any time soon. (My parents live here and my son likes it here.) As much as I would love to live in Ireland. Or as much as I would love to take a year off, homeschool my boy and travel the country in an RV. Blogging, taking pictures, flea marketing and enjoying everything this country has to offer. Talk about some awesome experiences.


I also forgot to mention that I really want to quit my job that is hurting my body more and more and start blogging full time. 


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Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

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