Soccer Mom I’m Not

I’m sitting here at soccer practice. Watching the younger girls that are practicing right in front of where I am parked. The smallest girl is the goalie. She is not afraid of the ball at all. She rocks her position. Pounces on that ball.

The team my son joined this year is a competitive team that is part of the league he was playing in before. And a much cheaper team to join. But I am a little disappointed. They play favorites. They don’t really give fair chances on playing and teaching them the new positions that were added with this age bracket. And if that wasn’t the topper, the coach’s son sat out half of the season with a boot on. (I don’t think he really wants to play anyway.) By the time we get to u14, it’s only a season or 2 away from high school tryouts. I think they need more guidance. I am a little frustrated that players that are playing up by years get more playing time just because they were part of the team last year.

Today’s thoughts. But then again. He doesn’t practice any extra either. So maybe it’s all him. I can’t get it through his head that hard work pays off.


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