Weekend Distractions No. 9

I joined a furniture group on Facebook. Someone asked the other day what is everyone’s go to paint. Not a lot of people have answered but the majority have said Dixie Belle. There are no retailers in New Mexico. I think I might have to try it out, and if I like it, become a retailer. Food for thought. But then again, while looking at paint colors, with S&H is seems a little expensive. Amazon makes it look like you can get it there for less, but it comes out the same. LOL.


I have also admired Sausha over at Sweet Pickins for years. She sells her own line of Milk Paint. If she has made a living painting furniture with her own paint, it’s gotta be good. screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-6-23-18-am

Then again, I keep seeing people say they use Shermin Williams. That it has a really nice finish, you just have to prime first. All I know is, I have some furniture to paint and I need to get this show on the road.

I followed The Nester for some years, I think it was because of photography in the beginning. Several years ago she started Write 31. Writing and sharing for 31 days in October. I never thought it was something I could do until a few years ago. I followed along in the party (you can see my posts from the button on my sidebar). Last year, I couldn’t decide what to write about in time to follow along. I’ve got my groove on this year, but I am so behind in the planning. Not to mention, I have some projects to get finished to write about. So I need this paint to get a bed painted. My groove has to get my ass in gear and get some things done around here. In the meantime, I have halted posting my restoration of 407 in order to use those posts in October. Ooh, I just realized I have to create a button and my Photoshop Elements (one than one version) have stopped working. Oh, another distraction.

The Restoration of 407: Master Bedroom


The carpet wasn’t as clean as it looked when I put an offer on the house. Or the walls for that matter. As I said before, the 70s had to go. I knew I wasn’t going to live with this golden harvest carpet forever, but it came up a lot sooner than was planned.

Removed the drapery, blinds and hardware. Scraped the popcorn ceiling and removed the carpet, carpet padding, and the tacks.

Caulked every edge, around every door and window and the ceiling. Painted the ceiling. Added a fan, with a light. Patched holes. Painted the walls. I thought I had picked out a greyer paint, but on these walls it looks more blue. Painted the closest, added shelves and different clothes poles. Painted all the doors and trim and window sill. Actually painted every inch of the room (including the vent covers) except the floor. Replaced electric outlets and light switches and removed the phone jack. Removed all evidence of having carpet, then had to patch holes for new carpet. Had new carpet installed. Cut some conduit and installed a curtain rod. Hung up new blinds and drapes. Hung doors with new silver hardware. I hate gold or brass hardware. I also removed the door into the bathroom because when open it was right on top of the vanity and blocking the bathroom window, which is the only air flow in the bathroom.

When my mom built the shelves in the closet, my biggest requirement was that my shoe organizer fit right under them. And of course they had to be accessible from an open door, so not right in the middle. I really want to replace that chair with a wicker one. I am also working on lightening up that furniture and getting rid of the four-poster bed. It’s too big for this space.


If I were to ever add another adult to this house with me, this room would have to be slightly enlarged. As long as he had a little money too, we could turn the bathroom into a walk in closet and then have a bathroom and a little more space added on. But for just me, it is a perfect sized room, bathroom and closet.


Products used in this room:

  • Ceiling and closet paint: Behr Premium Plus, flat, in Solid Opal
  • Wall paint: Behr Premium Plus Ultra, satin, in Offshore Mist
  • Door trim, doors, window sill and baseboard paint: Behr Premium Plus, satin, in Solid Opal
  • Carpet: from Home Depot (I will eventually find the color)
  • Ceiling fan: Hunter Louden from Lowe’s
  • 3/4 inch conduit piping for the drape rod, which I attached to the wall like this: Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.17.38 AMAll of these pieces are found in the plumbing aisle except the all thread, which you have to get a long piece of and cut down to size.


Weekend Distractions No. 8

I love looking at color palettes. I really love Design Seeds. Can spend hours looking at these color combinations, looking for inspiration. You can choose by color, by collection…

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-8-40-12-amDesign Seeds

In Color Palettes you can search by warm, cool, pastel or contrasting palettes…

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-8-43-12-amColor Palettes

Gold on the Ceiling gave color inspiration on a regular basis (not sure if she still posts regularly but you can still go back through her old posts)…

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-8-45-27-am            Gold on the Ceiling

And even Disney made up some color palettes. I don’t believe that most of them would make good color combinations, but still cool to look at. I especially like this onescreen-shot-2016-09-11-at-8-48-32-amDisney

Even though I have spent hours looking at these palettes, I have never used one for inspiration. I myself have even dappled at making palettes with my own pictures. Using this template from The CoffeeShop Blog: StoryBoards 7, I created these palettes:week-10-color-barscooter-color-bar

Check out all of Rita’s WebBoards and StoryBoards, they have all come in handy for me a time or two.

Weekend Distractions No. 7

meelah page

My niece asked my yesterday if I would make the cupcakes for her birthday party. She made 60 invitations. I guess we are good with 60 cupcakes even though parents usually stay, since not everyone will probably come. Luckily I found the best vanilla cupcake and vanilla buttercream from Cookies and Cups a few years back when I experimented with a few different recipes. She also has a pretty awesome milk chocolate recipe. I went and got myself distracted on her website for awhile, looking at all her cupcakes.

Funfetti Cupcakes

What Meezie wants is purple topped with birthday hats, blue topped with bees, grey topped with walruses, and orange topped with flowers. Maybe she’ll go for these ideas:

Make the icing blue to make it look like the sky…


I have the straws, but grape instead…


Love all but the fish and all that would have to be bought is tissue paper and DumDums…


On a parting note, I couldn’t do the sitting on the ground but doesn’t this party look FUN? I LOVE the photo booth (click on the photo to take you to the site).


The Restoration of 407: The Ugly

Even with a brand new roof and fully landscaped and clean yard, this house was still under $125,000. So I really did get a good deal. Most changes have been cosmetic so even though my extra savings is gone, it hasn’t been that much to change everything. I was smart enough to keep a daily journal of my progress on Facebook. So I am going to share with you the things that can go wrong.

Diaries of making a house my home/ Day 3: I called NM Gas to have them check the smell from the water heater. Silly person that fixed the issues with it left the valve where you can’t use a wrench on it and the gas guy had to bang it around to fix it. He even helped me move a buffet so I could pull up the carpet padding my dad and son left.

Just for a funny one…Adventures in renovating/Day 12: I started off at DMV. The minute they opened. Needed my current address on everything (finally). People who use this much adhesive in a house should be shot. There’s even weird places of hidden duck tape. I’m surprised it isn’t falling apart from removing it. 

Adventures in renovating/Day 13: There is progress people. Carpet people are due to come measure the bedrooms tomorrow. My dad only has the ceiling in the den left. (And I will paint the bathroom ceilings as I paint in there.) Tomorrow my mom and I will start tiling, in the hall bathroom. I got the last of the wallpaper out of the master bath. Bad part is it had a cloth backing which collected moisture and pulled a lot of paint away with it too. I’ll just have to put some joint compound all over that wall. And glad there wasn’t mold everywhere. Only some small patches. I haven’t mentioned that we thought it only needed a good deep cleaning and was basically move in ready. I had thought I could salvage the bathroom cabinets as open shelving type vanities, but they were made out of plastic and stuff. That and the fact I hated the popcorn ceilings and the carpet was harvest gold. As soon as the carpet is in, and the bathrooms are done, we can move in and work on the rest slowly.

Adventures in renovating/Day 15: I find an email in junk mail this morning (I only check junk mail on the computer) stating that the plumber will be out first thing to fix the hot water heater. Shoot. I better hurry over there, not really knowing when first thing is, I go over at 7. I think he showed up at 8:30. Maybe. He ended up not having the right collar and had to go back into Albuquerque, apparently. I cleaned the mortar off of the tile while he was gone. Poor guy, forgot his ladder at my house. So I had hot water for maybe an hour. Then I mentioned the washer and dryer that came with the house had to go before my mom tiled that part of the hall. Drama of the week. Water went everywhere because my dad couldn’t get the water shut off. Striped valve. And the sellers put a new faucet handle on this valve per my request. Haha. Dad and bro had to turn the main water line off. No water the rest of the day. No tiling today. When the plumber came back for his ladder, he put a new valve on for me. So nice of him.

Adventures in renovating/Day 17: Hall bath didn’t get finished today. The toilet flanges both my brother and I picked up were the wrong thing. But after several stores, Adam the plumber realized it wasn’t my fault. He’ll be back in the morning. My hand kept falling asleep painting again so I did what I could, but was too tired to figure out what to do next.

Adventures in renovating/Day 30: it was an adventure for sure. I get through 1 side of 3 doors and the sprayer stops spraying. Mr B and I go get a new hose. Really long one because there were only 2 options (the other was way too short). Hook it up. Nothing. But the hose sprays into the bucket without the gun. My mom goes and gets a new gun. Hook it up. Nothing. Hose stills sprays into bucket. Meanwhile, paint has gone everywhere while my mom tries to remove the gun. So I go get the old hose back out of the trash to try with the new gun. My mom even hooked the hose the opposite way from the first way it didn’t work. Again the only spraying it did was the hose at the bucket. Yikes. I got soaked with painty water. Needless to say, the $50 hose went back to Lowes and only the 3 sides of doors and 6 vents got painted.

Adventures in renovating/Day 31: Paint sprayer still wouldn’t work. My mom picked up the shorty short hose and it had a male connector, so does the spray gun. Which is weird, because the original hose and the really long one I got yesterday both had a female connector. So I painted 1 side of 4 doors with 2 coats, using a little roller. Lol. That’s all I could handle. At least the hall bath door is done and can be hung back up tomorrow so there’s some privacy when using the potty. At this rate, I better put these doors in order of importance.

Adventures in Renovating/Day 37: I put in a new light switch. It worked. But it’s partner switch at the other end of the hall doesn’t. Bah humbug. This particular switch had a black wire, red and white. I didn’t unscrew the last two so didn’t know where they came from. I reattached the red and the white and capped the black. Finally realized that is what the 3-way switches are for. Two switches, one light. As for all the other single way lights in the house, they are double black and hard wired. I am not at the I want to call an electrician point. I want to figure this out.

Adventures in renovating/Day 39: And (hopefully) the hot water heater is finally fixed. Two plumbers and 3 trips later they found the problem to be what Adam said it probably was, without even looking, over a month ago. Glad I didn’t pay for it. Mind you, I had not had hot water for this long because every time it was lit, it would blow out.

Somewhere in here I also decided to remove the shower doors in the master bath. Mind you, we had already had to removed the old tiles and replace the green board on the front of the shower, and re-tile. In removing the doors, I found loose tiles. I removed a few and found very damaged things behind there. Which led to pulling off more tiles. And my shower now looks like this.


Adventures in renovating/Day 43: Oh haha. Went to rehang the first closet door (they are the sliding kind) and the height of the carpet and padding makes the doors unmovable. So my parents went home and got their table saw and we got one door cut down. Took the painters tape back off (the tape keeps the cut cleaner) and it took off a huge chunk of paint. Of course. 1 door down, 5 to go. And then all the paint touch ups. But all the bedrooms doors are back up.

Adventures in renovating/Day 57: there’s a major electrical issue. Ok maybe not that major but there are outlets that short out. The ground wire to them is damaged or something. And there is plywood blocking access to the bedrooms in the attic. A hole has to be cut somewhere. I tell you. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I don’t recall the inspector testing the outlets.


Weekend Distractions No. 6

It annoys me so much that Pinterest started sharing pins titled Picked for You. I don’t want to see these. I don’t care what they think I want to see. It takes away from the pins I want to see from boards that I followed on purpose. Add to those picked for yous, and the promoted ones, I don’t see much of anything else. Today it was millions of puppy pictures. I don’t need to see those. I have puppy envy as it is. Not time yet though, gotta finish the fence.

I am still on the fence on what colors to paint my bedroom furniture and the bed my brother gave me. I don’t want to order Annie Sloan paint and then not really care for the color and my Home Depots no longer carry the Americana brand. Someone mentioned they didn’t like the Rustoleum brand chalk paint. So I am seriously thinking of buying some plaster of paris and making my own. I am pretty sure I want to go with a grey color. Maybe I will be different with the night stand and go with an aqua shade. Maybe. So I saw these paint tips today and LOVE #3, #4 and #6. (Click on picture for link.)7PaintFinishesYouHavetoTry

Being as I have never seen a can of Amy Howard paint to know what she is talking about color wise in the instructions, #3 seems to be the only one I could really try. I am talking drawer fronts here. (Also looking for color inspiration for my faux beams in the kitchen.)

The other day I also saved a picture of a stain mix from Ella Claire Inspired. Kristen called it Warm Weathered Gray. It was 80% Classic Gray from Minwax and 20% Jacobean from Minwax. It’s the color on the tabletop. That just may be my faux beam and open shelves color for my kitchen. Yep yep.


OMG. These look so yummy. I can feel myself gaining weight looking at them. I don’t do well baking cookies (anything but) but I might have to try my hand at these.


I not only love how this was painted, but I really love how Amanda staged the table for the picture too.img_2731


Enough distractions for today. I need to get to work. Happy Labor Day Weekend all. I don’t have a 3 day weekend, I work on Monday. But hopefully I’ll have a slow day and go home early.

The Restoration of 407: Part II

It was almost 2 months before I actually moved into 407. And when I bought the house, we only thought it needed a really good, deep cleaning and maybe work on making it prettier. LOL. After getting the popcorn ceilings scraped, the ceilings had to be painted. All the old flooring came up and couldn’t be worked on until after the ceilings were painted. The bedrooms couldn’t be carpeted until the tile that came up to the doorways was complete (so the carpet could be tacked down at the edge). I went ahead and had my POD delivered right away, so that I could unload it into the garage. All of this work began without the cooler hooked up because my dad said he wouldn’t start up a 40 year old cooler and I was running fans in the room I was working in. Thankfully, May and early June don’t get the hottest temps, but it wasn’t fun. Finally, after a post on Facebook about how awful Lowe’s was in trying to get a new cooler, an old friend contacted me that she had a guy (a plumber). They were there that evening. He got the old cooler running and an estimate on a master cool for me. He had the new cooler hooked up within a week. What a lifesaver that was. I don’t know how I didn’t lose 20 pounds that summer. Especially since I took a week of vacation in June, otherwise I am going to work at 5am and then going to work on my house for 3 hours after. It was very rare, after my vacation, that my parents and I are working at the same time.

I had read a lot of information on scraping the popcorn ceilings, and saw the warnings about asbestos. I also am aware that asbestos was circa 1960s. So I think we were okay. I did however, make sure whoever was scraping was always wearing a face mask and goggles. I had bought a bug sprayer and this scraping tool specifically for scraping popcorn ceilings. Image result for popcorn ceiling scraperYou attach a little bag on it that catches the mess. It worked better without the bag but we also found that a big plastic scraper worked best. When you fill the bug sprayer with water, make sure it is warm because it soaks in better. And when you are spraying the ceiling, only do small patches at a time. Spray and then scrape. Remember, I had left the old carpet down to just roll this mess up into so I didn’t put any plastic down anywhere. After getting all the ceilings scraped (luckily the bathrooms, kitchen and den weren’t popcorned), we then cut, pulled and rolled up all the carpet. And then the padding. Even though most of the mess went out in the carpet, it still took vacuuming, sweeping and vacuuming again to get all the dust cleaned up. I think I might have even used a blower to get it off the ceilings and walls between vacuuming. And more sweeping. We didn’t do anything else in ways of patching before painting the ceilings.

My mom and I started in the master bedroom with the painting and her Graco paint sprayer. Luckily, in this process, the bedrooms didn’t have ceiling lights in the way. They each have two vents, but those were removed to be out of the way and to be painted themselves. We had put on these painters footies over our shoes, had bandanas on our heads, goggles and a face mask. The ceiling didn’t paint well with the sprayer. It was wasting a lot of paint and seemed to all just be coming back down more than sticking. I was covered from paint sprinkles. Every inch of bare skin. My eyebrows, even my contacts where paint got past the goggles. My mom gave up and I went on to use the sprayer to paint all the cleaned and caulked closets to get rid of the blue tinge (they looked so much cleaner after that). The rest of the ceilings were painted with an extended paint roller by me or my dad. Every inch of ceiling was painted, except I haven’t done the kitchen area yet. When I did the closets, I stepped inside and even got the part above the door.

The paint used for the ceilings is Behr Premium Plus in Solid Opal. I used gloss in the bathrooms and flat everywhere else (it took about 8 gallons). I also used Solid Opal on the baseboards, trim and doors but used semi gloss for those.

At this point we pretty much have a house of empty rooms. Carpet has been pulled everywhere but the den. The ceilings are scraped and painted throughout the bedrooms and hallway. Every inch of linoleum has been scraped up (it was in the laundry closet, by the front door and under the carpet in the kitchen). The doors have been removed and some are lined up in the living room. The toilet and vanity have been removed from the hall bathroom in preparation to tile there first. The bathrooms had had tile baseboards, so these have also been removed. And the walls patched. The wallpaper is coming down so I can paint in there before the tile. The tub has this nasty tar like stuff on it where they had attached a strip to keep the carpet down. I used GooGone and scrubbed and scrubbed to get that all off. I might have used several other chemicals too. But the steamer did nothing. Luckily it is a porcelain tub and I was able to also use a scraper. By day 12, all that was left to do in this bathroom for tiling was to clean off this tar and paint. 06 09 15_2204

At this time, I still had wanted to tile the whole house so we had removed all the tacks from the bedrooms from the old carpet. Either by cutting the nails off (only in one room) or by pulling them out with a hammer. Since they had carpeted everywhere, there were a lot of nails to be pulled out. And sometimes cement came with them. When my son talked me into carpeting the bedrooms, Home Depot was going to charge like $100 a bedroom to fix and retack. The sales lady was kind enough to inform me to fix the holes myself with this self leveling cementy stuff. As soon as I find it, I will tell you what it was. It was feathery, and really easy to smooth out with just a plastic scraper. For some reason, we left the existing baseboards in the bedroom (I painted them) but replaced everywhere else. It doesn’t really matter since the carpet goes all the way up to them. Maybe I will make them “bigger” some day. I pretty much smoothed this cement all around the outside of the baseboards in all 3 bedrooms. The carpet was installed on Day 39.

05 29 15_2222

This entire closet was also cleared out. I sold the washer and dryer because I had my own. I removed the shelves, and the accordion door. Scraped up the linoleum, patched holes, caulked, taped the light, painted the ceiling and then the walls. At that time, my brother was working for a cabinet company and brought me home two uppers and two lowers. He installed the two uppers in this closet and I couldn’t be more happy with the look. That outlet and that light switch are the only ones in the whole house that weren’t replaced. A job my dad and I started out to do on our own but ran into a snag after the master bedroom was done and had to call an electrician. Which worked out great actually because he also hid wires from where we tore down a wall in the kitchen and installed light boxes from the attic (or for fans) in the bedrooms and the living room. And all for under $1000.

During this time, I had also decided anything that needed to be taken to the dump needed to be done. In hindsight, I should have had a dumpster delivered, but who knew. The bagster just didn’t cut it. There was a closet, useless, in the den. Tore it down, it was only particle board.


All hinges and door knobs were removed and replaced. The door to the garage was replaced with an exterior door, with a swinging hinge to self shut. And the front door (it was falling apart) was replaced. All light fixtures were removed, as well as drapery and its hardware. Any of these that didn’t sale in the garage sale were donated. All the blinds were thrown away, they were nasty. I’m telling you, the 70s had to go.

The Restoration of 407: Part I

When I was posting every day on Facebook, the progress on my house, I went from calling it Diaries of making a house my home to Adventures in Renovating. You never know what you are going to find under the ugly layers. I have been at this for over a year and will probably be at it for several more years. It may be awhile before I ever have a room completely finished, so I am going to just start sharing anyway.

When I bought 407, I had already had an offer accepted on 3 different houses and had gone over a year in these processes. I had a very limited price range and needed to be in a very short radius to my parents for my son’s sake. The first house, a short sale, clearly needed work inside and a completely overgrown backyard. During some inspection by the bank, they found there was a gas leak. It took them 6 weeks to find and fix the gas leak and meanwhile, the roof started leaking and they had torn up the flooring in a bedroom. So my realtor asked for an allowance for the roof and the flooring. The bank asked the other realtor if she worked for them or us and we never heard from her again. During this process, I was with realtor #1 and mortgagor #1 and (my original mortgage man had told me he couldn’t do it without my parents signing with me because me other house hadn’t been under real estate contract for a year yet but this lady said she could).

The second house only needed a little work done, but also had a small leak in the roof. Rather than it being a foreclosure, it was another short sale, but a HUD to be exact. Realtor #1 and mortgagor #2 and #3. It had been empty for over a year so there were no utilities on anymore. At some point I had gone to another mortgage company, but they did everything opposite in the paperwork than he had told me on the phone. They were trying to cheat me out of $10,000 that wasn’t discussed originally. Plus, they had all this incorrect information on the paperwork, information that they hadn’t even asked me for. Needless to say, I ended up with my original mortgage man. We had to have the utilities inspected in order to have them turned on for an inspection for the mortgage company. Something that HUD doesn’t pay for. Well, both the gas guy and the city guy found discrepancies that needed to be fixed in order to turn on the utilities. HUD wouldn’t do it. So I had to walk away from that house too.

In the meantime, I am spending weeks waiting on closing on these houses. So I am forming plans in my mind. I am playing around on a paint visualizer to check out how the house could look better. These houses are ones that I should have closed on in normal situations and been working on already. This brings us to house #3. Realtor #1. Mortgagor #3. This one was a foreclosure. The husband and wife, getting a divorce, both lived out of state. They wanted the house sold. But the realtors weren’t communicating. We had to keep pushing the closing date. Whatever was going on, prevented us from ever even getting the inspection done. It was never my happiest choice in house, only 2 bedrooms even, but it was so cheap I was going to make it work. But we had to give up on them when 2 months went by with no word from their realtor.

Long story shorter, realtor #1 was my brother’s friend. He actually worked a full time job and was a broker for the purpose of flipping houses. (He never got my brother’s flipped house sold either.) My brother finally told him that I needed a full time realtor because I needed out of my parents’ house.

With realtor #2 in hand, still with my original mortgage guy (my parents’ neighbor and pal actually), 2 months in and 2 other offers later, I found 407. Or rather, my realtor did. I wasn’t having to find houses for her to show me. She was doing her job. It was a little over my price range but it was clean. It was fully landscaped and not overgrown with weeds. It was lived in but not messy. It had a new roof. It was in the neighborhood I wanted. My parents didn’t have to cosign with me. The house is mine. Got the keys the end of May 2015. First thing we did (we is always me and my parents) was to scrape the popcorn ceilings and then pull up the 70s carpet and padding. Just rolled the ceiling mess right up with the carpet. Carpet, of which, was on every inch of floor in the entire house (including the screened in porch). Over the old linoleum and all. Everywhere and not all the same. The house wasn’t as clean as we had originally thought. LOL. And everything except the ceiling was painted in what looked to be blue first and then a primer or a blue tinted primer. Or very cheap paint. Everything that wasn’t wallpapered that is. And there was 6 different wallpapers.

So the adventures began. Adventures in taking a house out of the 70s and making it my home. Here are some before pictures.

Weekend Distractions No. 5

Anyone know why the pictures I share from other blogs, even though I link them back to their blog, disappear after I post with WordPress? I mean the second I post, it turns into a blue ? …

Remodelaholic shared a kitchen remodel on Facebook yesterday. I always click on those links to see the before and afters. I love seeing these newly redone kitchens and am so inspired by the painting of the cabinets that I want to go out and find used cabinets that would fit in my kitchen. I would seriously paint the ones I have but they were refaced, and I think by a shotty handyman because they did a really crappy job of cutting off the laminate on the edges.

Falling asleep last night, and staying asleep this morning, was being taken over with thoughts of how to use this faux brick in my house.


Make sure to go over to Sawdust 2 Stitches to see how awesome Corey’s kitchen and surrounding area look. I am thinking of using the brick, with this technique, on the soffit part of my kitchen. It would really help tie in the industrial look. I just may go to Home Depot or Lowes today to pick up a piece of the brick paneling. It makes me giddy thinking about it. Even though, we all know I have so many other things to finish.Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 5.33.20 AM

While thinking about where to put the faux brick, I also got to thinking about the corner above my dishwasher. This cabinet I want to remove and put up shelves. Would I want the brick behind the shelves too? But the distraction eventually became that I should put shelves on both sides of the wall. So of course I had to look up corner shelves. I am pretty positive that is what I am going to do. I keep thinking, that if we can build a pantry, we could just build the entire upper half of the cabinet area too, with a surround around the fridge. It’s doable.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 6.23.50 AM

My kitchen may have gone from this to that:kitchen5

But it still has a ways to go:

  • Need to do the beam all the way across, to cover up where the wall came down
  • Replace the fluorescent light with track lighting that also extends over the bar
  • Paint the ceiling
  • Replace the cabinets
  • Replace sink
  • Add backsplash
  • Replace or redo the countertops

Not necessary but also want to:

  • Try out the stainless paint and do the microwave and dishwasher, the oven would be the first thing I would replace when I can.
  • Add the faux brick to the soffit
  • Replace single cabinet with corner shelves
  • Make a farmhouse style sign for soffit up above microwave

Again, what I really need to do is finish the fence. Bwahaha.