About Lili

justjaimee_takemypicture_borderThis blog is for the exploration and adventures I will be taking with my camera (Nikon d90).

I love the wordserendipity

The word itself just sounds inviting. And the definition: ser·en·dip·i·ty (s r n-d p-t) n. pl. ser·en·dip·i·ties. 1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

Then there is Sanuk. A shoe. But also in Thai it means fun and happiness.

So I put the two words together and got Sanukipity. Finding fun and happiness through the lens (accidentally).

I like to take pictures and edit them. I love to make digital scrapbook pages. I get stress relief from baking and like to try out new recipes. I can spend hours on Pinterest and Facebook, checking out my favorite blogs and people. Check out my life menu to learn more about me.

**I decided to go back to Lili’s View because it can encompass more of what I am doing other than just photography. I have also gone into sharing more of my crafts and my renovating story.**



2 thoughts on “About Lili

  1. Hello Lili
    Can I use your lovely picture of the Kniphofia?

    I visited your blog earlier & saw your ‘red hot poker’ flower and it sparked a memory for me. Once a month I join in with a Story telling group and I would like to tell my story of the scary plant. If I don’t find my own picture by Sunday, Can I use yours? I will of course credit & link to you. Thanks


  2. Thanks for the explanation, I had wondered about it. And honestly, I immediately thought about ‘serendipity’, but wondered about ‘sanuk’. Before I moved to wordpress, many, many years ago, my first blogging software was open-source ‘serendipity’ 😀


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