31 Days of posting: 2014

I happened upon the Nesters 31 Days : a writing challenge, for October. I think I saw it on Feedly. Can’t believe I have never heard of it, she has over 1000 people join her. Anyone that reads my blog knows I am about finding fun and happiness thru the lens. Even if I create what I am taking the picture of. I decided to join this challenge and post every day in the month of October. Maybe I will even get a new picture taken every day to write about.

31 daysbutton

Of course since I am posting pictures and words, I don’t know what I will post until that day, so I will be adding my links as I go. I am afraid if I give myself a list for what type of picture to post, I won’t complete the challenge. Come back again soon πŸ™‚ I have also decided that I will add where to link up your pictures each day. A way to get yourself out there. These little parties were how I got myself to expand my focus on what to look for to photograph.

Day 1: An Orchid

Day 2: Sunny Girl

Day 3: 64 Shades of Color: Lavender

Day 4: Soccer Dude

Day 5: Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Day 6: A Little Progress

Day 7: Blissful Sweetness

Day 8: Around the House

Day 9: Dirty Hands and Tired Eyes

Day 10: 64 Shades of Color: Apricot

Day 11: Serendipitous Saturday

Day 12: Simply Sunday

Day 13: Stormy

Day 14: Frustration Sees In

Day 15: Bird Watching

Day 16: Dancing Skeleton

Day 17: 64 Shades of Color: Sky Blue

Day 18: Inspiration and Tricks

Day 19: Playful Mess

Day 20: Hay Around

Day 21: Who’s That Girl

Day 22: Yucky Days

Day 23: Mr B

Day 24: 64 Shades of Color: Gray

Day 25: About a Girl

Day 26: Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Day of the Tread

Day 27: The Road

Day 28: Moving On

Day 29: Mama

Day 30: Almost a Fail

Day 31: The Final Frontier

Sidebar: I decided to add a menu tab with all the different link ups by day so that you can have a place to look where to share your photos.



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