Soccer Dude

brendan soccerIs it a bird? A plane? Nah, it’s a soccer ball. They must have kicked it pretty high. I took this shot right before a dust storm blew through the field behind us. Someone didn’t have their shade tent staked down and it took out one of the goals. Good thing the kid wasn’t hurt or even hit.

Are you a soccer mom? Luckily I only have the one kid. But we do occasionally go watch my niece and nephew’s games as well. Saturdays are usually full when you also add in a family lunch. Today was quiet. We just went to Mr B’s game. I love this time of year when there is a little breeze so it isn’t too hot. And it isn’t cold yet. Although the sun was right on us and a little warm. I think my ear got sunburned.

Mr. B says he wants to play soccer professionally. I hate to admit this but even though he is a really good player, the boy is lazy. He won’t practice any more than he has to and I don’t see him playing even all the way through high school. I really hope that he proves me wrong. He has tried baseball and basketball and last year he started track and field, which really helped his soccer game. Soccer is what he is good at. He could be a really good player if he would really commit himself. Here’s hoping.

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