64 Shades of Color: Lavender

I am glad you came to join me party up some color. Like I said before, I loved following along with the ladies that did the out of the box challenge. My party is really no different because I ended up using the same size box of Crayons. Don’t forget to grab a button from my sidebar if you choose to join along. Tell your friends how much fun it is to find color to photograph. Add your photo to the linky below, can be posted on your blog or Flickr. I will post a new color every Friday and you will have until the following Thursday to link up. Thanks for coming to the party.

Week 1 of 64 Shades of Color: Lavender::lavender

What I found:my lavender

Today is also Day 3 in the 31 day challenge. I am not sure what these flowers are called, they almost grow wild. But I really like them. I even envision them in my new backyard. A backyard that is way to big for me to completely landscape but it isn’t at all landscaped. It also has 3 different types of fences, depending on the neighbor. I hate the chain link. I want to build some trellises and put these spaced along that chain link fence and plant honeysuckle in front of the trellises. The flowers in my picture would be perfect to put between the trellises. They would be so pretty along the length of the fence, all by themsevles. I can see it now. A little patch of grass. A raised up deck, to take up space and not have to landscape. Flowers to hide the chain link and only a little bit of gravel needed for the rest. Of course this is all a some day plan because I have to take care of some things inside the house first. And as I don’t make a lot of money, all of this is on a very small budget. Oh the life of a single mom with a crappy job. My double degree education has failed me. I have digressed but a story it is, even so. Here are 2 other shots with the same flowers, the one on the right being a nursery.lavender 2lavender3

Join the party with the little froggy.

Here is where I linked up today:Friday Photo Journaland Finding Serendipity


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4 thoughts on “64 Shades of Color: Lavender

  1. Hi Lili!
    your pictures are wonderful, I love particularly the one on the bottom left… these flowers are called cosmos and come from Mexico… here in France we like to have them in our gardens for their airy, light and delicate look… they can be white, pale or dark pink, but also two-colored… they are very easy to grow and bloom from july to first frost…
    hope you can grow them soon!


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