A Little Progress

soft glow

When I went to a park yesterday to find leaves to photograph, I saw some of these again. I love how the wild grass sort of glows around the picture.

Today I am not really here to talk about my picture. More the life menu I created a few years ago. It is quite a list, I am sure it has 100 items. That was what was suggested. Or maybe once I started listing things, I couldn’t stop. This summer I have completed several items though. I finished my Wheels, Grills and Headlights series. I am only a few photos away from completing my Entries series, or Bienvenido I call it. I entered 3 of my photos in the state fair, thanks to a friend from work telling me about it. This was way out of my comfort zone, actually taking them there and entering them. I even prepared them for exhibit. I also posted my photos for sale on SmugMug and upgraded my account on ViewBug, entering in at least 1 competition a week. So all in all, I have been taking more pictures this summer.

I like to go back and look at my list every so often. Think about what I need to do to make more of it happen. Funny how much of it takes money, and when I wrote the list I was unemployed. But I still dream that I can complete this list in my lifetime. I will, someday, rent that RV and travel around the country for a year. Taking pictures, blogging about it and doing all the things I can in the US from my list. My 40th is fast approaching. I need to figure out the 40 gifts I am going to pass out. I will be broke by then so there won’t be any money to be spent on this. I take suggestions.

Which brings me to the fact of why I will be broke. I am buying another house. I say another because my original house (my 3rd purchase) was sold as a Real Estate Contract. The house is theirs in all accounts except that I still hold the mortgage. If they were to not buy the house outright in 5 years, the house would become entirely mine again. To go through sale, again. But I need to not continue living in my parents’ house. It isn’t good for me or my son. They aren’t that kind of parents. Rent is way to high here. So I found a house really close to my son’s school. He will easily be able to get himself to school. It needs new carpet in the bedrooms, and some roof patching to move in (and cleaning of course), then I am in for an adventure making it pretty and me. I can’t wait to start sharing that adventure with everyone. I am becoming even more of a DIYer, except I have major limitations that I am going to have to get around and need lots of help from my dad and brother. I am so excited, and a little scared. This is the first time I will be fixing elements of a house. I don’t plan on moving anytime in the near future. This house is it for me. But I also need a way to make a little cash here and there, for my DIY projects. So I could use all your thoughts and suggestions here on how to profit on the web. Or selling your photos at craft fairs. Or anything that will help me out. I am pretty crafty.

Today I am sharing here:Macro Monday intro badge photo MM2badgeintrofinal_zps09e45e9a.jpg

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    1. I wish wordpress.com had a way to reply to comments like Blogger does. I don’t know that any of you ever see my responses 😦
      Thank you Laura and I will stop by you link.


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