64 Shades of Color: Gray


Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? I used to love the Sanuk’s. I found them to be so comfortable. Both slip ons and flip-flops. As of a few months ago, I can’t wear either. They hurt my feet. 😦

I had never liked Bob’s before. Didn’t find them to be very comfortable. But when I decided I needed to stop wearing flip-flops, I wanted a more comfortable pair of slip ons. I found a pair of Bob’s with memory foam soles. I love them. I even wear them with my arch insoles. (Oh, haha, there is a hair on the back of one that I didn’t notice until now.)


I hope that you all will link up your gray photos this week. You have until Thursday to play along.

I am sharing here today:Kim Klassen dot com


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