The Road

Definition of reflection (n)

Bing Dictionary
  • re·flec·tion
  • [ ri flékshən ]
  1. reflected image: the image of somebody or something that appears in a mirror or other reflecting surface
  2. act of reflecting something: the process or act of reflecting something, especially light, sound, or heat
  3. careful thought: careful thought, especially the process of reconsidering previous actions, events, or decisions


Good and Fun. Am I looking forward, or looking back? Of course my little ham back there having to be super goofy. He was a little jerk yesterday, actually, because we weren’t doing something fun enough for his taste. After posting my dirty laundry (so to speak) and walking away from that house (officially tomorrow), I feel some weight lifted off of me. Onto the next house we go, but have to go looking first. I feel bad for my realtor. Oh well, I’ll get him a Starbuck’s card.

Random. So what to do now? I am super excited about doing a gratitude project and the 40 gifts for my 40th next month. I have been researching and compiling my list of what to do. I even started a Pinterest board. This is going to be great. I already told Mr B. that he will do it with me and he won’t complain and hopefully I realize it is something we should be doing more of. No matter what manners I try to teach and instill in him there is too much conflicting with the 3 adults in the house.

the road

This is basically what the bokeh in the above shot looks like. I am linking up here today: Monday Mellow Yellows and Good.Random.Fun


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