Moving On

moving on

I went to look at another house today. My mom keeps telling people that I had to move from (sale) my other house because I couldn’t afford it. She seems to forget the real reason was because it was too far away from them in case of an emergency for Mr. B. >> Mr. B would have had to change schools for 1 year >> too many teenagers that would have taken advantage of Mr. B had they found out he was getting himself to school alone in the morning, IE home alone before school. I made a point of bring up that point the last time she brought it up. And I hate that she keeps bringing that part up, it makes me miss my nice clean, newer than what we keep looking at, house.

I need to move on.

So I have been back in their house this time since the end of May. My belongings are in a POD parked all the way out at the airport. I can’t go check on them, or get anything out of them. It was only supposed to be for a few months. I didn’t leave out much winter stuff because I wasn’t planning on this taking so long. And that POD is getting pricier month by month. But it sure was convenient.

I need to move on outta this place.

I made an offer on a house the first of July. Offer was accepted. Had gotten packets from the title company with a closing date. When they did the inspection to get the utilities turned on, they found there was a gas leak. It took 6 weeks to find and fix this gas leak. In that time, it became apparent there was a leak in the kitchen ceiling. The more it rained, the worse it got. We asked for money for the roof and an allowance for flooring in the rooms where they tore it up to find the leak. In the meantime, I had found another house. And they never did accept or deny our request. Just finally told us (realtor actually) that they were cancelling the contract.

I moved on.

Early September, I made an offer on this other house. We were scheduled to close on November 5. We waited and waited for the permission letter to have the utilities turned on for the inspection. Learned that all the utilities had to be inspected in order for the house to be re-metered for the inspection and appraisal. These inspections did not pass. But because it was a HUD property, as I mentioned before, it couldn’t be repaired in any way. They wanted me to change my loan to a 203k so that money could be put into Escrow to make these repairs after close and then have my inspection done. Yea right. Buy a house with a roof leak with no inspection? Not only that, my lender said no way would he loan money without a real appraisal and wouldn’t approve one with a generator. Plus, the 203k raised my payments by $100 a month.

I have to move on. Sad as it makes me. I really liked that house. And it was going to look great when I was done with it.

I need to stay in the area where my son’s school is. In order to do that, all I can afford are short sales or foreclosures. That part really sucks. But this house I looked at today is really right for the price. I wouldn’t have to worry about money anywhere. My payments would be great. Only problem is, it’s only 2 bedroom and the storage is really minimal. And only a 1 car garage. But I decided that I can make it a home and it will be ok. Doesn’t look like I would need to worry about more room any time in the nearest future anyway.

I gotta keep reminding myself to keep moving forward. Something will eventually work out. And in the meantime, I am getting ready for my birthday month of gratitude and kindness. Like the cars and the bicyclist in the photo, I need to keep looking ahead, and keep moving on.




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