Simply Sunday

The wind has blown alllll day. And not just a meager wind. It was very forceful. Pillows and everything blowing all over the porch. It was not a go out and take pictures day which saddens me because I wanted to go to the local pumpkin patch. And finish Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Silly me decided to back up my photo gallery and it is taking forever, so not even sure if I could find something for each prompt (I like to stay new, or challenging, and only use photos taken this week). Besides the wind, it was kind of gloomy all weekend too.

The backup finally finished and I decided to go a different route than the scavenger hunt. I realized going through this week’s photos that I had been watching the same balloon from around the corner, balloon1to near the golf course,

balloon2to in front of the house,

balloon3to where I parked and watched it land.

balloon4Though this came from Saturday, it was just a simple Sunday.

I am sharing here today:

Weekly Top Shot #156


Unknown Mami


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