Scavenger Hunt Sunday and a reminder


Or no key. Or locked without a key to get in. Who’s got the key?


Triangles are abundant in this one. The bottom of the umbrellas. The tops of the blades of grass. The peacock’s (or peahen) beak and her crown. Did you know they are part of the pheasant family? You can’t really tell by looking at a colorful male, but looks like it here. She was also playing hide and seek or something.

Favorite Wordserendipity

My favorite word is Serendipity. I love what it represents. How it sounds even. Happy accidents. This girl wore that beach hat so well that I couldn’t help but take her picture. That I caught her lovely smile was pure accident.


I gave myself a 40 by 40 list to photograph before my birthday which is fast approaching. The reason we went to the Bio Parks yesterday was to work on this list which I still have like 1/2 of. Shame on me. Little Princess is on my list and when I saw this girl turn back at me I had to take a shot. I am going to say she was celebrating her birthday.


This is by far the best shot of a flamingo I have ever gotten. I took my son, niece and nephew to our botanical gardens and zoo yesterday. Mr B said it was “the best day ever”. He says that a lot though, even at 11.

08 31 14_0854_edited-1The party starts on Friday!!


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2 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday and a reminder

  1. Great set of photos. I like them all, but the flamingos are my favorite. I remember take a picture of some at the zoo when I was like ten years old. My little 126 film camera did not have the capacity for closeup nor did I have a program to zoom it in later. Back then I would have ‘died’ to get such a great shot as yours!


    1. Thank you very much Martha. I saw flamingos for the first time in San Diego when I was in high school. I thought they were so beautiful. Never thought I would want to photograph them.


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