Who’s That Girl?

‘”Quien es esa nina, who’s that girl
Senorita, mas fina, who’s that girl
Quien es esa nina, who’s that girl
Senorita, mas fina, who’s that girl”

-Madonna’s Who’s That Girl


 She is a cutie.

Have you heard of the singing nun from The View (Italy)? Ironically she has redone Madonna’s Like a Virgin. She stated “If you read the lyrics without being influenced by what has gone before, you discover that it is a song about the capacity of love to make people new again, to release them from their past.” (As seen on Yahoo TV.)

Interesting thoughts.

Today I am sharing with Song-ography, 0df33-our2bworld P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley



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7 thoughts on “Who’s That Girl?

  1. I DO like that interpretation of “Like a Virgin”…certainly gives it a whole new perspective. And your “cutie” sure has some gorgeous eyes! Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.


  2. Like with so many things, I guess, also with music you got to take a step away from what you have seen or heard, pre-conceptions, to experience it anew. Love the new interpretation.


    1. Thank you June…I can’t say that she is mine though. LOL. She is a little girl my niece plays with at soccer. This little girl likes to beat up on my son too. He lets them, until they hurt him.


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