Serendipitous Saturday

My favorite word =)

The mass accession of the balloons was scheduled at 7am (last Saturday is when they only hovered and never really left the balloon fiesta park).

I walked the dogs at almost 8am. My old girl has a torn ACL and can’t walk that far, so I had turned around to take her home. It was decided I needed to grab my camera when I dropped her moonThese are some of the only yellow trees in the area right now. Mesquites I think. After taking this pictures I continued on with the other dogs and saw that the balloons had headed our way for the first time this week. How lucky was I. red balloonOnly bad thing about the balloons going up so early and where I live relative to the balloons ascending is that the sun is right behind the balloons. The sky was pretty cloudy today still as well. Lower in the “valley” where they ascend, it also looked a little fogyish. I hurried the doggies home and rushed my son out the door so we could go get a closer look. I realized it was close enough in time to his appointment for his flu mist so I went back inside and changed. Came rushing back out to find a balloon right over the golf course.usa balloon

We drove over and parked sort of in the same place I went and parked last week. You could tell already it was a nicer balloon morning than last week, there were people everywhere. Watching, where I was the only one out last Saturday (a nicer day but I guess there was more wind down in the park and they couldn’t ascend). The balloons were a lot closer today, but I still need that telephoto lens. Hopefully by next year.balloons in skyAs you can see here, there are still a lot of green trees. I would have thought with all the rain we would be more into fall this year, but by the end of the month it should have crept up on us. We stood there for a few, taking it all in. I took about 40 pictures. Then the balloon we had been watching get closer and closer decided to land. (Sadly, there were phone wires in the way of my shot, and that happens too often. I edited them out from the sky but couldn’t remove them from the balloon section without distorting the balloon.)yellow balloonWe moved on and took care of breakfast and the flu mist. Then I went back and got another shot of the Cosmos flowers. I had seen this mailbox on my way to park but decided to go back for it. I loved the mailbox pole as well as the flowers I have decided I love. I can’t wait to plant my own.mailbox

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