Day 30: Almost a Fail and an Eyeball Cake

There was this cake I had saved in Halloween ideas on Pinterest. When my parents decided to host the end of season soccer party on Halloween I knew I was going to make that cake. Well, at least decorate like that cake. Check out the inspiration cake here.

So on Thursday I got to making a vanilla cake (I used Cookies and Cups recipe, doubled). I shouldn’t have made it double together, just done two batches, but I messed up with the butter and had to combine both batches. It was ok, though. Just really hard to mix it all up well with a hand mixer (my lovely Kitchenaid is in storage).

I also put in some food coloring to make the cakes orange. I had my mom grease the pans for me. Not one of the three cakes came out of their pans without leaving some behind. I was bummed.

I had to work Friday and didn’t know what I was going to do. I wanted this cake to look great (I don’t know all of these people that well, I like to be somewhat impressive somewhere). So I came home and got to making my buttercream (also from Cookies and Cups, I just don’t use as much powdered sugar and I didn’t put in vanilla because I was leaving it white). I made a batch and a half because I knew I would need more on Saturday for my nephew’s cake.

I took out part of the buttercream and added chopped up Oreos to it and used this to put between the two cakes. My mom and I used a knife to go around the cake and make it more round.  Then I slathered on the white buttercream. All over the cake, filling in the bumps where cake was left in the pans. And had a pretty round cake when all was said and done. Phewww. I felt better.

I added on the eyes and came back with this creepiness. (The Double-Stuffed came apart cleaner.)

monster eye cake

I realize now that even when it isn’t completely done, don’t cook much longer because it will set. It was a little too done, but the frosting helped with that. The flavor was great, as always. Cookies and Cups‘ recipes never disappoint. Here’s looking at you.

monster eye cake2

I shared here today:30 Handmade Days Link Party Palooza and Friday Finds


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