Bird Watching

I feel much better since yesterday. I am back to trying not to worry about anything. I really hope that whatever my realtor worked out isn’t going to cost me more than I had already figured out. And I have to say that because we haven’t had the inspection yet, I can’t walk away due to having Ernest money in the house. Soo….

First things first, I changed my blog theme for the first time in forever. So my font got bigger again. I have asked and asked what people think of my blog looks but I don’t think my posts actually get read (until yesterdays, thanks).

I stepped outside the upstairs balcony today and did a little bird watching. Again, I realize my lens isn’t big enough. Someday.

bird watching3

This is the house directly next door to my parents’. This gives you an example of what flat roof houses look like if you don’t have any of those. That house I am buying is flat roofed except for a pitch down the middle of the house from front to back (tiled), that is where the leak is. This roof here has been redone lately…no cracks or seals.

bird watching

A lot of stucco houses too. I think these are more a synthetic stucco…it lasts longer. Isn’t as rough as the real mud kind.

bird watching2

This one was my favorite. Not that I like pigeons, but I like how the sun setting is starting to reflect in the clouds and leave the bird and area more a silhouette.

I am linking up here today: Communal Global and Outdoor Wednesday


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