Blissful Sweetness

biscoffHave you ever eaten Biscoff cookies? They serve them on Delta flights. We used to serve them at ATA too but I never really knew what they were. I had never heard that they were cookies you could buy or that they now made a spread. Not until I came across a recipe on Pinterest one day. I L O V E this stuff. It is a maze ing. I like to eat it on apple slices. Or with pretzel thins. Sometimes straight off of the spoon. (I keep taking small licks off that spoon as I type this.) I decided to try the crunchy this last time. That was some really good buttercream. I have used this wonderful ingredient in this banana nut bread recipe. And tried the same recipe again as loaves instead of muffins. I preferred the muffins. I also used the streusel on top of a Nutella Banana Bread. Yummy. I have a whole board devoted to Biscoff recipes on Pinterest and can’t wait to get my mixer back unpacked in my own kitchen and try these out. (I have never tried the Trader Joe’s version because it is on the other side of Albuquerque and Biscoff can be found at World Market, the bigger Target and Albertson’s.)

It’s funny how I came to photograph this today. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write about. I decided to look which parties to link to today and one is the Happiness Project. I got to thinking about one thing I could find in the house that makes me happy and Biscoff was there. Again, yum!

I am sharing here today: (also on Facebook with #theidearoom)


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