An Orchid

Day 1 in the 31 day challenge. I am ready for this. Before I get on to today, yesterday I changed my font on Typekit and for some reason it shrunk in size. I can’t get it to go back. Any help? And if anyone is interested in helping me Logo my blog better: matching header, button and signature; I would love the help. I’ll give you free advertising.


I have always loved the look of orchids, but was told they only bloom once. So even though they are always going on sale at work, I have never bought one. This time I decided to give myself a little treat because the other plants looked good and it was in a cool grouping and only $5. What would it hurt to give it a go for that price? It is two small pots inside that metal container. I never leave plants in those plastic pots because they get root bound. So does anyone know if it would be okay to transfer them to a bigger pot, all together? I guess I could ask a nursery as well. Did you know that you only water orchids with ice cubes? And only once a week. No over watering there. And I was told that if you cut off the dead flower at the little knubbies, that it will bloom again. So we will see. I can’t wait to move this beauty to its new home in my new entry way…next month. Woot woot. (I put in my first offer on a house, another house, back at the end of June.)



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