Sunny Girl

techno meelah

Day 2 of the writing challenge.

I was messing around at my nephew’s soccer game one Saturday. The sun was really warm, even in September. They had had to move all the games scheduled in that town due to a Girl Scout camp out and my nephew’s was moved to a baseball field that looked like it hadn’t been played on in months. They couldn’t even mow the grass. Poor boys has a heck of a time kicking that ball around. There were some cool things in the background I had already taken the opportunity to shoot. There was even a little girl in a tutu and tennis shoes that I so tried to capture running around, but I needed a bigger lens. For some reason I loved the look of these sunglasses on my niece. But I did not love the noise of her shirt. She has also taken to not liking to brush her hair, they have let it get so long. So I played around with some different edits. I love how this one came out. You can still see the color of the sunglasses, and the bling. And I love how the sunshine on her hair really “glows” in this edit. And just the little peak of a smile. She really likes this one too. I think I might have to print it on canvas for her for a Christmas present.

This is definitely my September Photo Heart Connection.

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3 thoughts on “Sunny Girl

  1. I like the post-processing on this. I love playing around with all the bells & whistles in Photoshop, but I’ve also found a few online editing sites that have some other neat effects.


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