Inspiration and Tricks

I decided that I would go a different route today. And share with you other blogs where I have gotten inspiration, tips and tricks, or just plum like their photography. Some of these are how I started out taking more pictures or really started blogging. Whatever their calling to me was (or is), I wanted to share them all with you.

Rita shares A LOT of great stuff. Actions, templates, tips. I edited many pictures in the beginning with her actions. I also love her templates (and frames). For this example I used Rita’s Picture Portrait 3 action with a few changes. Actions are really easy to load into PE11 and above, and Rita even walks you through how to load them.rita editNot sure why little man looks so angry there.

Lately, I have been using these tips from Lisa to edit all my photos in Photoshop Elements. When I want my photos to stay as close to SOOC, these are easy tricks and really make my photos pop. For this example, I used this tutorial.lisa editHave you ever seen a piglet with such cool looking colors?

Over the years, my tastes have changed. I went through a stage of using texture as well as using only actions to edit my photos. Below are some of the blogs that I have followed for years or got great tips from before. Just click on the picture for the link. (I also just really like some of their shared photos.)


liveramblings Photo Challenge Submissionkat


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