Dirty Hands and Tired Eyes

fave boysJust an ordinary moment in the household. Older cousin playing XBox and younger cousin watching. They say he likes to watch. I actually think it’s Moe’s cutest moments, just watching. No talking back. Just in peace. Of course these are my 2 favorite boys (even if they drive me nuts sometimes).

These are a few of my (current) favorite things:

  • My boy
  • My niece and nephew
  • The color aqua, teal, turquoise…it depends on the shade, more of a subtle one though, not too bright
  • Revenge (the TV show)
  • Finishing a DIY
  • Nicholas Sparks’ books (all of them)
  • DIY magazines
  • Imagining how I am going to “fix up” my new (to me) house

Today I am sharing here: Facebook with #theidearoom for An Ordinary Moment

Little by Little

Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

2 thoughts on “Dirty Hands and Tired Eyes

  1. Love your blog title! I just returned from the land of Sanuk! My boys often look just like yours! Thank you for linking up with Little Things Thursday!


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