Weekend Distractions No. 15

I want to thank Pinterest for “Picked for you” 2016 printable calendars (because of one search) because, you know, it isn’t November or anything. I want to be able to turn off the Picked for you. I. DOn’t. Like. It. My sweet little poochie has discovered she loves water. The other day while outside withContinue reading “Weekend Distractions No. 15”

Pops of Yellow Everywhere

There is this place in Albuquerque, by the river, called Bachechi Open Space. There are trails, wetlands, a nursery. A very lovely place, especially this time of year. That might just be one of my favorite places. I had last Friday off, due to the fact I had wanted a 3 day weekend to cleanContinue reading “Pops of Yellow Everywhere”

Scavenger Hunt Sunday on Monday

Crossed Now I finally know where those cool glass insulators come from. I was surprised to see some still used on a few of the telephone poles, maybe because it was on the reservation. There were more switched out for industrial looking ones than the glass, but a few still on some of the poles.Continue reading “Scavenger Hunt Sunday on Monday”