2015 in Review

I have to laugh at that title. Really. I had put The Best of 2015. But after I wrote about February, I had to change the title. As my word of the year for 2015 was Renew, I have to say it is the first year I really lived up to my word. But IContinue reading “2015 in Review”


Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2015

Me This little wall made the kitchen so small. We made sure it was not load bearing and down it came. We still haven’t finished the newly exposed part of the ceiling. I Love You Kaci, my mom’s dog, is not quite 7. She has lung cancer and not much longer to live. We loveContinue reading “Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2015”

Memories, Dreams and Reflections| 2014

Me I Love You Still Laughing The hair! Winter Wonder(land) I had no wonderland pictures from this winter, again. It was dry and brown and not very wonderful. But I had made these banana muffins this winter and thought they were a winter wonder. Birthday Friends I Was Inspired I had seen this “Monster Eye”Continue reading “Memories, Dreams and Reflections| 2014”