My Birthday Challenge

A year ago, I posted this list of photos I challenged myself with, to accomplish by my birthday. I had to make some substitutions, but I finished the challenge. Balloons | Little Princess | Swan subbed to Flamingo | Waterfall | Something New | Favorite Footwear | Butterfly | Purple | Rainbow | Puddle JumpingContinue reading “My Birthday Challenge”

Inspiration and Tricks

I decided that I would go a different route today. And share with you other blogs where I have gotten inspiration, tips and tricks, or just plum like their photography. Some of these are how I started out taking more pictures or really started blogging. Whatever their calling to me was (or is), I wantedContinue reading “Inspiration and Tricks”

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

A few months ago my son and I rode the local trolley. Though it is designed to be for tourists, I thought it would be cool to see some of Albuquerque I might not have seen. One of the places we went was the neighborhood where a lot of movies are filmed. Movies that don’tContinue reading “Scavenger Hunt Sunday”

Cross to the Other Side

I find I go back to many different places these days for photo walks. I like to take different pictures of the same things, like this bridge. Different days produce different images, right? I am posting this picture in this blog post, with a different title, stewing over some words I read earlier and realizedContinue reading “Cross to the Other Side”