Pops of Yellow Everywhere

There is this place in Albuquerque, by the river, called Bachechi Open Space. There are trails, wetlands, a nursery. A very lovely place, especially this time of year. That might just be one of my favorite places.park

I had last Friday off, due to the fact I had wanted a 3 day weekend to clean and empty my POD into the garage of the house I was supposed to close on. So I took Mr B to the orthodontist, got some breakfast and took him to school. Got my car washed. Strolled around the Open Space and took some pictures. Got my hair cut. Picked Mr B and a friend up from school and took them to their destination. It was an eventful weekend.

Mr B was with his soccer coach and son, spent the night over there. On Saturday we all met up to see Big Hero 6 (good movie) and then went to lunch. Then it was time for his indoor soccer game.

On Sunday, I made bookmarks for my RAOK while Mr B and Meezie looked on and we watched Maleficent. Then went to Arby’s for Moe’s birthday (at 8, those are the places his chooses). Had some Baskin Robbins after. I only took pictures at the Open Space though. Sometimes it is too busy to document. I was being social instead. LOL. That is big for me, these days.

Good flags

Good patriotism: New Mexico and USA flags. Good weather, no wind.


As I was strolling around, I saw that this family was getting their pictures taken. I bet a photographer never thought someone else would randomly take her picture (and never knew I was there).

Funwalking dog

I watched this couple walk from behind me, all the way beyond to the path by the river. The dog was so happy to be let off the leash.

I am sharing here today: Monday Mellow Yellows and Good.Random.Fun.  I also realized my little ole blog wasn’t ready for a link-up. So I will be putting 64 Shades of Color on hold.


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2 thoughts on “Pops of Yellow Everywhere

  1. You found some very pretty foliage and how fun to turn the tables and snap a picture of a photographer in action. It is too cute to see the dog looking at his master like, “are you sure” about the whole leash thing – not quite sure if he is to run at will or it is a cruel trick, only to get hooked to the lead again. Glad you joined us this week over on Good.Random. Fun.


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