Pops of Yellow Everywhere

There is this place in Albuquerque, by the river, called Bachechi Open Space. There are trails, wetlands, a nursery. A very lovely place, especially this time of year. That might just be one of my favorite places. I had last Friday off, due to the fact I had wanted a 3 day weekend to clean …


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Watching Leafy First World Problem I thought I was going to have a really hard time with this one after I looked up what 1st World Problems were. At the first soccer game of the day on Saturday and this just fell in my lap. LOL. I mean really? A ladder and a Dodge Viper! …

Nurture Photography: Orange/Fiery

I've noticed, through my hunt for orange leaves, that there aren't any trees in the near vicinity that have orange leaves. There are still a lot of green leaves on trees (so much for the colors coming fast). There are several with yellow leaves. A few purple or red and a few that have already …

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I have missed a few weeks. At first it was just one week then I didn't even get on the computer to see what I was missing. Work has been rough, but I won't get into it. Here are Sunday's interpretations. Hopefully I can make up for last week's too. Rainbow Fluffy Letters Metal Trees

Greens of Spring

"Grow up big and green - as green as the trees' leaves," ~~from Verdi by Janell Cannon Green leaves, green grass, green buds on a tree, green river grass, green trees, green vines of grapes. Be surrounded by green, for the time being.

Leap Into Spring} Blossom/Trees

There is this tree next door that was full of red berries a few months ago. I never noticed before that the berries bloomed. ~~Linking to: Foto Friday, This or That Thursday, Project 52: Things that Grow, Fabulous Friday Challenge, and Leap Into Spring~~

Softness of Granny Smith Apple

This picture came in perfect for so many challenges. Over at Beyond Layers we were to play around with framing photos. In this one I used Kim's Taped Edge. Her theme for today's Texture Tuesday is Soft. I think the softness of this flower (and the bokeh in the bachground) is gorgeous. I also need …

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

~~Linking to: Scavenger Hunt Sunday~~ One Color (Wild Strawberry) ~~Linking to: Project 64~~ Laundry Empty ~~Linking to: Observing Beauty and Show Off Your Shot and Shoot.Edit.Submit~~ One Dozen ~~Linking to: Texture Tuesdays with Kim Klassen. Used her texture Embrace for the edit of this shot, at Soft Light 100%~~ Soft

Favorite Photo of 2011

It was really hard for me to choose my favorite photo for the whole year. Yet, I kept going back to this one. Back in April I went to Kentucky to see a friend I had not seen in years. A friend I had romanticized was my soul mate for many years (I learned we …

Time is Relative

It was hard to pick just one photo to say it was my favorite this week. But I can share the rest another time. This clock is right outside a fire station and I love the English feel to it. I also was practicing rules of thirds with this photo and actually had the grid …