My Mom’s Dog

dogs, digital scrapbooking, Kaci, petsI think this is my most favorite page yet. I love the colors. A little story about this dog. She will be 6 this spring, so 6 years ago my mom decided my dog was too lonely. You could tell she terribly missed her buddies (my parents’ other two dogs). So my mom got Kaci here. Well, a puppy was not what my dog needed. Kaci was a nip at your heels little munchin and even though we all loved (and love) her, my dog was not at all impressed with her. Kaci also ended up being the reason for my dog’s high blood pressure which affected her eyes and which ultimately is why we had to have her put to sleep in December. But this spring, when my mom turns over her garden, she will bury my dog’s urn with her two missed buddies (though I believe she is already running with them in heaven).

Added on January 20, 2015: My parents had to have Kaci put down on Monday. She had lung cancer at the age of 6. A tumor that had taken over her whole lung and making it really hard for her to breath. Very abnormal for a dog that young. She will be greatly missed.


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