The Other Dog

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Growing up, we always had a dog (after moving out of student-married housing that is). But not just any dog, always a Lab. Goldie was the first. She was my mom’s dog when my parents got married and as soon as we moved into a house that allowed dogs, she came to live with us. After Goldie my parents bought JJ from a friend. She was a black lab. They bred her with a family friend’s dog and we kept one puppy. A male, named him Bear. JJ and Bear were nut heads. There is something about the black labs compared to the golden or yellow ones. They are more overprotective. But not necessarily mean. When with JJ, though, Bear could be aggressive. When Bear was getting old and had gotten himself moved into the house (the first dog ever allowed in my parents’ house) my mom decided it was time for another dog. That is when they got Kota. She even brought life back into Bear and he ended up living another year. Kota was my favorite all time dog. And they got her after I graduated high school and had left home. She was your average, typical Lab. Playful. Intense. And for some reason, she loved to put her paws on me and hold me down while she licked my face. And only did this to me. After Bear, my parents got another dog from the same people as Kota (in fact, my brother also got a dog from that same litter). Kota and Tosh would sing to each other when they played. Their teeth would nash together but they never hurt each other. These were the two dogs that were my dog’s buddies. Kota and Tosh were put down within 6 months of each other and that was why my dog had been so lonely. Then along came Kaci (from yesterday).

Tobi here was a surprise addition. My brother had been looking and looking for a new dog after he lost his. They had adopted a dog from a mission but had had to return him after he bit my son when they visited for Christmas. So he ended up finding these black labs in Missouri (he and his family lived in Texas then). There were only two left from the litter when he contacted the breeder and there was talk of the smaller one having to be put down if she didn’t get adopted soon. So my brother bought both puppies. My mom had gone to Texas to help out while my nephew had his ear and throat surgery and my brother surprised her with Tobi. Of course my mom had to pay him back so she almost didn’t. She wasn’t planning on getting another dog. Going to just let it be Kaci, and my dog who came over every day I went to work. Well, she fell in love with her anyway and brought her home. Tobi would love to be a lap dog and tries to be sometimes, but lol, she is too big for that. Sad thing is, her and Kaci don’t really play that much. Tobi is a stresser. She worries about everyone in the house and thinks she has to protect all of us. She looks years older than the one my brother had gotten. Has grey around her nose and on her chin and my brother’s is pure black. But we all love her just the same.


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