Weekend Distractions No. 15

I want to thank Pinterest for “Picked for you” 2016 printable calendars (because of one search) because, you know, it isn’t November or anything. I want to be able to turn off the Picked for you. I. DOn’t. Like. It.

My sweet little poochie geni.jpghas discovered she loves water. The other day while outside with my dad, his sprinklers came on. My mom said she ran back and forth through them. Ok cool. Glad she likes water.

Then yesterday happened. November came in with a bang. I went from wearing shorts and a t-shirt to bed with the fan on and having hot flashes earlier this week, to wearing flannel bottoms and a long sleeve shirt to bed last night and was still cold at first. It rained. On and off all day. But at one point in the afternoon when it was raining really good, my sweetie went outside. And came in half covered in mud where she was running back and forth at her favorite dirt spot by the back fence. My dad says I don’t need gravel. I said what about when I am not home every time it rains or snows and she runs through the wet dirt. Sheesh. Men.

I need to pave the corner of the space like thisf963db5fa1094e5b6fc5e23ed9a46ea9

But the pavers would go all the way to the fence and the gravel would be bigger. Have to make sure that there are no plants for her to have a place to dig. (So far, she doesn’t dig in the gravel, only bare spots.) There is a spot where my back neighbors are different and there is a small spot of older fence. I have this metal display thing from my brother’s old skate shop that I need to attach to the posts and plant a vine (trumpet). I think I could DIY the concrete pavers and make them bigger, varying sizes.

How to build my own cabinet doors without special toolscabinet-doors-13

Thank you Kristi. Now I just need to figure out how to remove the laminate from the cabinets so I can paint them too. I’ll just have to remove the one cabinet, where I want to put shelves, and experiment on it. I also know what to get now to finish off the doors on the pantry so I don’t have the gaps on those either (before I ever finish painting them). I also think I messed up and bought a flat paint and I had wanted glossier. LOL. Leave it to me to ask for satin and it isn’t smooth.



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