Weekend Distractions No. 15

I want to thank Pinterest for “Picked for you” 2016 printable calendars (because of one search) because, you know, it isn’t November or anything. I want to be able to turn off the Picked for you. I. DOn’t. Like. It. My sweet little poochie has discovered she loves water. The other day while outside withContinue reading “Weekend Distractions No. 15”

Weekend Distractions No. 14

Oh, this view: I would love to have this sunroom, overlooking water. Swoon. And there is an outdoor deck above the sunroom. This room I could live in: I don’t care for all the decor, but I love the ceilings. The doors. The walls. I could seriously retire in this house. With that view fromContinue reading “Weekend Distractions No. 14”

Weekend Distractions No. 13

This inspiration: OMG. I love the huge shutters. But maybe not that big. The old crib pieces are pretty cool too. I have been trying to figure out how I could use the shutters I have to achieve the look with the rounded part like the shutters above. I think I might have finally comeContinue reading “Weekend Distractions No. 13”

Weekend Distractions No. 12

These cookies Of course the dough looks so good I would want to eat all of it so I better not make them. (Click picture for the original source.) This entryway It’s so simple and lovely. I even love how the light switches blend into the wall. I makes me (again) wish I had anContinue reading “Weekend Distractions No. 12”