The picture is a little older. I actually pulled out this layout and started working on it thinking I was going to use a picture of my mom. But I found a picture of my niece to use instead.

My Dad

I was going through pictures of the befores on my house and came across this picture. I couldn't pass it up. My dad had his heart attack about 6 months before this picture but it only slowed him down for maybe 2 months. (The goggles are my son's.)

Kickin’ It

Mr B is back to saying he wants to play soccer for a living. But he won't practice except with the team. I don't get him. One good thing is this coach is making it a year long thing. They play 8 games in the fall and spring as part of the league. Then they …

A Decision Made

Happy Valentine's Day people. Not really ever been my day (I think I have only had a boyfriend one time) but I do give my little man something special. Cuz I do love him to pieces. I have decided I need to learn how to make my own digi scrapping elements and papers. If anyone …

Me and My Boy

I should give a shout out to all the wonderful sites that share their digital scrapbooking with the world for FREE. I would love to learn how to do all the elements and papers myself but have no idea where to start. I am getting better at working with templates and turning it into my …